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haptic drone

For Behram, this video is nothing exceptional. “This was like any other day in Waziristan. Coming out of the house, witnessing a drone in the sky, getting along with our lives till it targets you. That day it was in the morning and I was at my home playing with my children. I spotted the drone and started filming it with my camera and then I followed it a bit on a bike.” http://paglen.tumblr.com/post/30105766943/reaper-drone-over-waziristan-shot-b…

Aboriginal Bird Myth

When the world was young, a beautiful rainbow had appeared in the sky. And this rainbow was taking color from all around. All the reds, all the blues, all the greens, all the yellows. And it kept on growing and growing and growing and growing and right before your very eyes, the rainbow was so full of color that it started pulsating

And then it exploded. And when it exploded the pieces of rainbow fell down to the ground. And as those pieces got down to the ground they changed to all the birds we know today.

Now, some of the birds they didn’t like the feeling of falling down and they got scared. And they called out in a horror like this:


Just like the crow and seagull does today. While other birds they thought it was the funniest feeling they ever had. And they started laughing up like this:

Aaa-aah, Aaa-aah, Aaa-aah

Just like the ‘fukubara’. But other birds they wondered what was going on, and they called out like this:

Oeh, Oeh, Oeh, Oeh, Oeh, Oeh,

Just like the owl. And others started talking up like this:

Helloang, hellaong, whatsgoingong?

Just like the parrots and the cockatoos. And other birds, they fell straight down to the ground and they started walking and running around. And they sounded like this:


Just like the tall emu. And other birds, they loved the feeling of flying, so they spread their wings and they all started to sing. 

And that is how the birds all got their colors and voices today. Because of that beautiful rainbow way back in the Dreamtime.