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Reacting to the New Aesthetic


Trap street trapped, while clouds are storming dancing in the sky.
Staring at the rippled puddles of the road, at an Animated blending of distortion and façades.


On your knees knee-deep in this nameless storm in fluidifying blurb, missing out even on the gaze and on the meshes of the dome.


The levees break and the Maelström sucks.
Not waving though, just drowning

bioblitz or BioBlitz


BioBlitz, also written without capitals bioblitz, is an intense period of biological surveying in an attempt to record all the living species within a designated area . Groups of scientists, naturalists and volunteers conduct an intensive field study over a short, usually 24 hour, period of time. There is also a public component to many BioBlitzes, with the goal of getting the public interested in biodiversity. In order to encourage more public participation, these BioBlitzes are often held in urban parks or nature reserves close to cities[1][2][3][4].


‘Mozart’s starling’ (Meredith J. West, Andrew P. King)

On 27 May 1784, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart purchased a starling. Three years later, he buried it with much ceremony. Heavily veiled mourners marched in a procession, sang hymns, and listened to a graveside recitation of a poem Mozart had composed for the occasion:

Hier ruht ein lieber Narr,
Ein Vogel Staar.
Noch in den besten ]ahren
Musst er erfahren
Des Todes bittern Schmerz.
Mir blut’t das Herz,
Wenn ich daran gedenke.
O Leser! schenke
Auch du ein Thranchen ihm.
Er war nicht schlimm;
Nur war er etwas munter,
Doch auch mitunter
Ein lieber loser Schalk,
Und drum kein Dalk.
Ich wett’, er ist schon oben,
Um mich zu loben
Fiir diesen Freundschaftsdienst
Ohne Gewinnst.
Denn wie er unvermuthet
Sich hat verblutet,
Dacht er nicht an den Mann,
Der so schon reimen kann.

Den 4ten ]uni 1787.

Full article: http://www.starlingtalk.com/mozart1.htm


Audio: “Ein Musikalischer Spass” (K.522 Second Movement: Menuetto) is the first compisition Mozart made after the starlings death. “It is believed to be based on the song of his beloved pet starling.”