Somewhere in-between telephone, radio, twitter and the nsa.

Schermafbeelding 2014-10-28 om 12.39.04 

My Locus Pi is up and running again. Somewhere in the naughties I invited the team to our Cimatics festival in Brussels. At the time they built and offered an arduino-based standalone device for streaming location-based soundscapes, i.e. a box with an ethernet connection and a mic. Participants were invited to put their microphone close to their (open) windows and connect the box to their internet-router. A global map depicted the various streams available for the visitors of the website. Each place (or ‘locus’) was provided with a short description and a photo of the setup or specific location. This resulted in a global network of ‘soundscapestreams’ triggering imagination.

To listening-in into a place is truly poetic. It sits somewhere in-between telephone, radio, twitter and the nsa. Recently the locusonus team came up with a ready-made Raspberry Pi Locus Sonus diskimage to set up your own locus sonus. And even an Android app to turn smartphones and tablets into a naughty sound sniffer. Please do join us.