A fb message to isabel


hi isabel to answer your question: yes and no. i’m head of department for design at the school of arts ghent, where we have been setting up the project ‘atelier de stad gent’ together with timelab. the main goal of our design department in this project was to experiment with mixing critical and speculative design approaches on the one hand-side, and peer production on the other. In other words: which role could conceptual design play in the field of peer production? with the project ‘het spilvarken’ (focusing on urban pig farming) this critical approach has proven to be very productive.

apart form that, we had another goal or question: namely, what is the role institutes can play, e.g. educational institutes, in the explicitly informal and non-institutional phenomenon of p2p society? related to this question i’m connecting people on round the idea of education itself within the context of peer production. an etherpad or wiki will soon be made available on this subject. the core focus of fair.coop (as written in the objectives) on design, knowledge and context is obviously very relevant for this. if you or other people are interested in collaborating, just let me know.