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The #interwebs is increasingly transforming into #splinternets due to urban #datasexuals and #informationflaneurs, many of them shameless #quantifiedselfpromoting #CEO2’s from the #skeuomorphing #maker-movement. #Morozov-ian #networkshops could help resolving this #cyberbalkanisation with #criticalengineering towards a reclaimed #netneutrality.

As Darkness Falls – and the gap between technology and society


Mercedes Bunz introduced the night of ‘dunkelheit’ with some bright metaphors on technology. She was so kind to send me the transcript of here lecture. You can find the link below. In this lecture she points at the gap between society and technology:

There is something going on in technology, which is of interest to us. Walter Benjamin was among the first to notice in his famous essay “The work of art in the age of mechanical reproduction” that there this interesting thing in the midst of technology: it’s own logic, which can be used and influenced, but stays on its own. Regarding the conceptual setting of society and technology, this means something interesting: society and technology are related to each other but they don’t determine each other. They are disparate, and will never be congruent – technology will always get to the point, where it eludes the human teleological logic. So between society and technology we find a gap. We need to make more use of this gap between technology and society.

Furthermore Bunz compares technology to a five year old child, which can be influenced but who has his own logic. But also most often polarized relation to women in society and the regulation of the use of technology in sport brought was enlightening. Find the full introduction by Mercedes Bunz here.