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Stan Brakhage – Burial Path

A film by Stan Brakhage about the forgetfulness and death. The opening image of a dead bird in a box and later images of a snowy path suggest that this film was occasioned by the burial of a bird. Some flows of jarred motifs bank up in elliptical transformations in fleeting, ephemeral, unpredictable imagery. Referred to as the third part of a trilogy, with ‘Sirius Remembered’ and ‘The Dead’, this film is a perfect ‘visual thinking’ of the death-at-work and one of the most amazing ‘metaphors on vision’ Brakhage has ever made.

from Criterion’s By Brakhage An Anthology vol. 2



Acousmatic sound is sound one hears without seeing an originating cause. The word acousmatic, from the French acousmatique, is derived from ἀκουσματικοί akousmatikoi, a term used to refer to probationary pupils of the philosopher Pythagoras who, so that they might better concentrate on his teachings, were required to sit in absolute silence while listening to their teacher deliver his lecture from behind a veil or screen. The term acousmatique was first used by the French composer, and pioneer of musique concrètePierre Schaeffer.